This article was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 

“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” – Proverbs 30:5


The Jesuits

In 1536, a monastic order of the Roman Catholic Church, called the Jesuits (the Society of Jesus), was founded in Paris by a Spanish nobleman, Ignatius of Loyola. For an introduction into the Jesuits, see my other blog post. The Jesuits are no followers of Jesus Christ, just read the “What We Do” section of their website – no where does it reference the works or teachings of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. It does explicitly state: “The followers of St. Ignatius Loyola” (he was the founder of the Jesuits and a practitioner of mysticism and heretical Christianity). Ignatius was a member of Los Alumbrados – a 15th-century Spanish illuminised brotherhood!

Following the Protestant Reformation in England, the Jesuits revived Freemasonry in 1717 in order to infiltrate Protestantism and restore the catholic House of Stuart to the throne. According to 32nd Degree Freemason, William Peterson, 25 degrees of the Scottish Rite were written in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, in Paris in 1754[i] thus, high level Freemasonry has always been a Jesuit tool. And look, here we have pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) giving a Freemasonic hand sysmbol (see below for an exert from Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor):


 Cardinal Bergoglio (pope Francis), pictured on the Buenos Aires underground in 2008.

Master of Second Veil: “Three Most Excellent Masters you must have been, or thus far you could not have come; but farther you cannot go without my words, sign, and word of exhortation. My words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoniram; my sign is this: (thrusting his hand in his bosom); it is in imitation of one given by God to Moses, when He commanded him to thrust his hand into his bosom, and, taking it out, it became as leprous as snow. – Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

…here we have Stalin and Washington – two opposing ideologies, one hand gesture:


The First Jesuit Pope – Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

Before becoming the first ever Jesuit pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pope Francis) served as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. In the 1970’s, the “Dirty War” was being waged in the impoverished Argentina. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 30,000 citizens were killed. Jorge Rafael Videla was a senior commander in the Argentine Army and dictator of Argentina from 1976 to 1981. He was prosecuted in the Trial of the Juntas for large-scale human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that took place under his rule. As stated on Reader Supported News: “In a case directly involving Bergoglio (pope Francis) when he was the top Jesuit in Argentina, the army kidnapped, drugged, tortured, and held captive two of his subordinates who had been living and doing social work in a Buenos Aires slum.” In the below picture Cardinal Bergoglio (pope Francis) gives communion to Jorge Rafael Videla, the brutal Argentine dictator (he was sentenced to many years in prison and died there in 2013):


 Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pope Francis)  gives communion to Jorge Rafael Videla.

Business Insider mentions an article by Hugh O’Shaughnessy posted on the London Guardian website on January 4, 2011. In reference to Horacio Verbitsky, who documented the summary execution of thousands of political dissidents, O’Shaughnessy is quoted as saying: [Verbitsky] recounts how the Argentine navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship’s political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio’s name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment.

To Control the World, You Must Control Education

One of the highest concentrations of power resides within the Office of the Holy See – the Jesuits gained control of this in the 19th century. As stated on Grand Design Exposed: “Jesuits work in many roles in parish and retreat ministry, in high schools and colleges, as lawyers, doctors, scientists and astronomers, psychologists and counsellors, writers and journalists, theologians and philosophers and in many places and with many different peoples in cities, rural areas, in the missions of South America, Africa, and elsewhere. The Jesuits are renowned the world over for excellence in education. Almost from the beginning, Jesuits were teaching at various universities in Europe. Currently the Jesuits maintain, 70 secondary and primary schools, 50 Jesuit High Schools and 28 universities in the United States. They are the Social engineers for the New World Order – if you are going to control public opinion you have to control education”. For example, take George Town University – the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning, located in Washington DC. As stated on their website: “Jesuits have played a significant role in the growth and evolution of Georgetown.” Bill Clinton is a Jesuit trained graduate of George Town. And it is by no coincidence that the Jesuit controlled Supreme Council of Freemasonry or “Mother Supreme Council of the World” is located in Washington.

[i] William Peterson, Masonic Quiz Book : “Ask Me Another, Brother” (Charles T. Powner, 1951).


This article was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 

“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” – Proverbs 30:5


Britain First is a patriotic political party and street defence organisation. As stated on Buzz Feed:

The far-right party’s social media operation is getting seriously powerful. Whether that actually changes anything is a different matter. Britain First’s Facebook page now reaches millions of people a week, giving it a bigger audience than some national newspapers.

The Facebook page of the British National Party splinter group has exploded in popularity during the last four weeks, gaining over 230,000 likes in the last month to take it to a total of 336,000 fans.

That’s mainly thanks to an incessant stream of extremely popular posts that mix Islamophobia with pro-military memes and messages proclaiming love for the monarchy.


Whilst the movement purports to be Christian, they shamefully claim to be invading Mosques. In reality, they went to the main entrance of an East London Mosque with some Bibles (one would assume they don’t know what is even in the Bible) before soon realising they had parked illegally and left.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33

Shadow Government Agenda

With state-enforced “political correctness” and multiculturalism, the uncontrolled mass immigration into America and Europe (and specifically Britain) is deliberate and is fostering the death of patriotism and cultural identity. It has been engineered to destabilise nations, demoralise the natives and to undermine our values. We are witnessing the undermining of national sovereignty as democratic power is being transferred from the local and national governments to unelected centralised bodies. The aim is to implement a transnational government who will come to rule over all relevant political, economic, ecclesiastic and military issues on a local, national and international scale – this is the New World Order agenda.

It is important to recognise that being a “nationalist” does not make you bigoted or racist. Sadly, the organisation: Britain First are doing no favours for the true “nationalists” and Christians of this country – Christians should not be “invading Mosques”. Here is a picture of Britain First leader Paul Golding embarking on a “Christian Patrol” to the East London Mosque – why is he holding the emblem of the Knights Templar? Does he think of himself as some kind of crusader, or is he funded by the Vatican?


“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my Father who is in heaven.”  – Matthew 7:21


And here is the Islaimic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary:



And the Muslim Patrol of East London:



This article was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 

You may have come across an intriguing, yet now discredited, story which has been circulating online (and the in the media) over the past couple years. According to Higher Perspective: “Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet.  The book also calls Apostle Paul ‘The Impostor’.  The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.” It also predicts the coming of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. As has been reported in the Muslim media, and also the Western media, the book was reportedly seized from a gang of smugglers (who were smuggling antiques) in a Mediterranean-area operation. According to the reports, “experts” and “religious authorities” in Tehram insist the book is an original. The discovery contains the Gospel of Barnabas which confirms the Islamic view of Jesus and contradicts the orthodox Christian view. However, several characteristics of this artefact damage the credibility of this sensational story.


Firstly, where is this 1,500 year old Bible – have any experts been able to investigate this properly? The answer is no. Even Wikipedia admits that scholars almost unanimously agree that the  Gospel of Barnabas was written in the 16th century as a “pseudo-Gospel”, and perhaps contains remnants of earlier apocryphal work (maybe Gnostic or Ebionite – remember that various Gnostic/Ebionite teachings/writings which emerged from the 2nd century contradict the four canonical Gospel accounts of Jesus). 

It is claimed that this book was written in Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke). However, any modern Assyrian (neo-Aramaic) speaker can read the gold inscription:

  • Transliteration: b-shimmit maran paish kteewa aha ktawa al idateh d-rabbaneh d-dera illaya b-ninweh b’sheeta d-alpa w-khamshamma d-maran
  • Translation: In the name of our Lord, this book is written on the hands of the monks of the high monastery in Nineveh, in the 1,500th year of our Lord.

This mysterious Bible states “in the 1,500th year”  not that it is “1,500 years old” (what an embarrassing oversight). However, modern Assyrian was standardized in the 1840s and the first Modern Assyrian Bible was produced in 1848. This artefact is highly unlikely to be from the 16th century and more likely can be dated to the 19th century. Rather than an open and objective study of this artefact, it is being used by the misinformed, the liberal media, the Muslims and the conspiracy theorist as some kind of discovery which undermines Christianity. Even if this was a genuine 1,500 year old Bible, it wouldn’t be much of a revelation. Various writings and teachings (such as Gnosticism) emerged in the early 2nd century (after Christ’s death) which don’t conform to the orthodox Gospel accounts.

A Propaganda Campaign?

Furthermore, seeing as this discovery confirms the Islamic understanding of  Christ, it appears that this might be Islamic propaganda. As somebody who has a keen interest in history, specifically Islam, I find this frustrating. When I first began to study Islam, I was informed by numerous Muslim sources that the original Quran is still in existence. After I began to search for the original Quran, I discovered there isn’t one and the claim is simply untrue. There are no Quranic manuscripts prior to 750 AD (100 years after the death of Muhammad). Whilst many may claim that the “uthmaic recensions” are still in existence, this is untrue. The Sammarkand Manuscript (located in Tashkent library, Uzbekistan) and and the Topkapi Manuscript (Istanbul, Turkey) are indeed old but following ample etymological analysis: “… these two manuscripts are written in the Kufic Script, a script which according to modern Quranic manuscript experts, such as Martin Lings and Yasin Hamid Safadi, did not appear until late into the eighth century, and was not in use at all in Mecca and Medina in the seventh century.” Thus, they were compiled in the late 8th century or early 9th century and this presents some challenges to the Islamic tradition. What is more frustrating is that the primary sources of information regarding Muhammad and the birth of Islam date from 150-300 years after his death (which means they are not primary sources or “witness accounts” but instead, they are secondary sources compiled from earlier writings which are no longer in existence). Again, this presents problems for Islamic tradition – or at least, I find it problematic.

In comparison with the Bible, there are over 200 manuscripts in existence which pre-date the year 600 AD. There are also 32,000 quotations from the New Testament found in writings from before the council of Nicea in 325 A.D. Furthermore, the totality of Biblical manuscripts, manuscript fragments and early church writings number in the tens of thousands (and some are over 2,000 years old). There truly is an abundance of data which can be corroborated, if one wishes to evaluate the integrity of the modern Bible.




This weekend, I discovered I was part of a social experiment. An experiment is usually a scientific procedure carried out within a controlled environment to test a hypothesis, make a discovery or verify a known fact. Unfortunately, the experiment I found myself a part of was far from being scientific or skilfully crafted. Conducted on a Facebook page named Atheism Fails (where I some times contribute), this “experiment” was headed by a self-professed atheist, philosopher, writer and musician named Regan. As it turns out (to my disappointment), this was not an experiment – it was merely fuelling the fire of Regan’s self-importance. Regan joined the Facebook page over Easter before commencing his research and gracefully sharing his insights (all in the name of social science). Firstly, although I was at the receiving end of many accusations and insults, this article isn’t an attack on Regan. I want to highlight a couple of points he has raised on Facebook to demonstrate why his arguments are fallacious (actually, he spent 2 days trolling Facebook and I cannot respond to all his comments). As you can see from the below screen shot, Regan was deliberately abusive…he is conducting a study into “social media” (spanning 5 years) and will be writing up a paper on his findings later this year – I cannot wait to see the results. He has already begun a write up on his “social experiment” which you can read here (on his article, he states from the outset that he was trolling).


Does the word ‘Easter’ come from paganism? The answer is a clear no!


First and foremost, seeing as it is Easter, I will address the prevalent rumour that the word “Easter” is the name of a pagan goddess. Ishtar (or Astarte) was the Babylonian/Assyrian goddess of fertility. In English, Ishtar sounds phonetically similar to Easter. Therefore, many (such as Regan) claim this is conclusive proof that Easter is a pagan holiday and we are actually venerating Ishtar. On the subject of Easter, Regan gracefully contributed the following: “I think you mean Ishtar…that’s the real Babylonian name for Easter…dummy!”


Thank you Regan for your insights.  The source of this claim is perhaps the 19th-century book, The Two Babylons, by the reverend Alexander Hislop. Hislop’s thesis is interesting and somewhat convincing, but it is not sensitive to the evidence. On this matter, Dr Jonathan Sarfati states: “Hislop’s research is very shoddy in many places (Hislop is refuted in A Case Study in Poor Methodology). He tries to see paganism everywhere, on even the flimsiest grounds. In this case, he imagines a connection between Easter and Astarte purely on the basis of sound similarity, with not the slightest trace of linguistic connection or any borrowing. By this spurious method, one could connect the Potomac river with the Greek potamos, although there is no connection between the native American and Greek words. In reality, the word Easter is really Anglo-Saxon (sometimes Ester), not Babylonian. It was the common word for both Passover and Easter.” And: “The Hebrew word for Passover is pesach, which comes from the verb pasach which means to pass over. When the Old Testament was translated into Greek, this word was basically unchanged, becoming the Greek pascha.” I agree with Sarfati when he states: “It is illogical to avoid a Christian-based holiday that brings people together in worship because of some perceived tie to paganism.” Anthony McRoy, a Fellow of the British Society for Middle East Studies and lecturer in Islamic studies at Wales Evangelical School of Theology in the U.K. states: “Of course, even if Christians did engage in contextualization—expressing their message and worship in the language or forms of the local people—that in no way implies doctrinal compromise. Christians around the world have sought to redeem the local culture for Christ while purging it of practices antithetical to biblical norms. But, in fact, in the case of Easter the evidence suggests otherwise: that neither the commemoration of Christ’s death and resurrection nor its name are derived from paganism.” However, as for the Easter bunny and Easter eggs – they have very little to do with the Bible. There are various pagan traditions associated with Easter & it would be good to see Christians return to the true Passover celebrations but as the subtitle of this section states: “Does the word Easter come from paganism?”, the answer is no and Christians aren’t venerating Ishtar. For a further analysis on this, Answers in Genesis have an interesting article, read here.


You don’t need a religion to be moral!


Regan informs us that he is on a quest to fight evil and immorality (whilst claiming that people who adhere to a religious belief, which accounts for over 5 billion people on Earth, suffer from a mental delusion and are a danger to society).


So do you need a religion to be moral? No, of course you don’t. But upon whose authority do you base a moral code? Can an atheist be moral? Yes, of course they can. But, in a random chance universe, in which there is no “higher authority”, man becomes the measure of all things and morality becomes subjective (and essentially arbitrary) thus, the difference between say, Hitler and Mother Teresa, or apples and oranges, would just be a matter of opinion. Regan is far from humble or gracious yet he claims to be morally superior. By his own standards, he is totally correct! Regan’s moral authority is himself – at a whim, he can (and does) define his standard of morality & condemns others who fall short of his own irrational judgement. If the universe is the result of random and unguided events, how do we justify morality, the laws of logic and the uniformity in nature (the preconditions of intelligibility[i])?

You can accept one of two beliefs:

  1. The universe and all life within it are the result of natural, random and unguided events (a naturalist, materialist, secularist, agnostic or atheist worldview).
  2. The universe and all life within it are part of an intelligent design (a creationist, deist or theist worldview).

People’s worldviews are shaped from birth and influenced by factors such as family, education, society, media and religion. Every scientist, archaeologist and historian has access to the same data but it’s the interpretation of that data which can vary.

My own reasoning (or the foundations of my reasoning) is thus:

Can DNA originate by itself through unguided natural events? No, it isn’t what is observed in nature. Do unguided cell mutations or natural selection (the fundamental Darwinian mechanisms) add new functionality to a living system? Evolutionary biology lacks examples of true gain-of-function mutations – many examples demonstrate that mutations do not generally add functionality, they reduce complexity or rearrange existing information. Biological systems are information systems & DNA is an information molecule – physical/chemical processes do not give rise to information nor do they produce functional information systems (neither the hardware or software). Therefore, there must be a God.

Conclusion – how not to conduct a social experiment


As you can see, Regan comes across as a fundamentalist (yet fundamentalism is everything he stands against). He does not conduct himself in a professional manner. He is quite irrational and inconsistent and I witnessed him make countless mistakes in his reasoning (he also diagnosed religious people with a mental disorder but personally, I don’t trust his analysis). Regan, you have thoroughly damaged the credibility of your social media study and I would even speculate (based on your conduct) that there is no study.


People like Regan focus their anger towards a hypothetical image of what they imagine God must be like – stop shaking your fist at the sky, Regan! As an example of self-imposed intellectual dysfunction, you are in a whirl of contradictions & I therfore diagnose you with intellectual schizophrenia (note: I am not a doctor. Please console God immediately).

[i] Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (Master Books, 2009), 42.

63 year old Michael Ruppert was a former narcotics investigator with the LAPD. On April 13th, 2014 Ruppert shot himself after a final radio show broadcast, a friend reported. In 1996, at town hall meeting in Los Angeles, Ruppert confronted the former director of the CIA John Deutch. Ruppert confronted Deutch, claiming he had specific evidence that implicated the CIA in drug-trafficking operations in Los Angeles. Exactly one month later, Deutch left the CIA.


Ruppert  authored the book Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil before filming the documentary film Collapse. In a six-part series for Vice called “Apocalypse Man” Ruppert stated: “I’m tired. I’m ready to die. Great, bring it on. I’m not afraid of death…”

On November 15, 1996, there was a town meeting in Los Angeles on allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Former Los Angeles Police Narcotics Detective Mike Ruppert seized the opportunity to confront then CIA Director John Deutch


This article, part of the Year 2044 series, was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 

Through war and peace, the growth of science and technology has never ceased. The (r)evolution of the lesiure and tourism industry in the 2040’s was caused by the accelerating growth of information technology (specifically, the development of three-dimensional silicon chips came before we transitioned to super-fast, non-silicon-based computing. We harnessed the power of optical computing and also quantum computing, after we overcame the challenges surrounding superposition & quantum parallelism. The digital age saw an explosion in data growth & it proved quite challenging to manage…storage devices such as magnetic tape deteriorate quickly and hard disks platters are expensive to run and are prone to failures thus, neither device was viable in the long run – it was realised that the stability, durability and density of DNA makes it a perfectly viable alternative to magnetic tape and hard disk platters thus, synthesizing DNA resolved our data storage issues). Ray Kurzweil recognised this trend of accelerating growth over 40 years ago, as he pointed out before the turn of the millennium: “Technological change is exponential… we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate).” Kurzweil recognised the exponential growth of IT and also understood that: “…the progress will ultimately become so fast that it will rupture our ability to follow it. It will literally get out of our control.” Thus, we are not without challenges today – as we approach the technological singularity, eventually the universe will be saturated with human-machine intelligence & unable to sustain our rate of growth (click here for a Vision of the Future).



Full Immersion Virtual Reality (FIVR)

Advances in nanotechnology and full immersion virtual reality (FIVR) hasn’t just altered the gaming industry but also education, business and entertainment. For the first time, people can now visit a number of destinations throughout the globe, without travelling and spending lots of money. Although full immersion virtual reality (FIVR) is still young and not without its problems, many travel firms who failed to alter their business model (and adapt to the opportunities which followed the rapid advances in FIVR technology) lost revenue and faced going bust. Additionally, many travel firms took advantage of the reduction in the cost of space travel, such as excursions to the moon – even the middle-class can now enjoy vacations to lunar bases on the moon.

There are still problems with FIVR technology: it lacks intimate details and characteristics of environments, it can be hard to get a “true taste” for the local culture and the AI (artificial intelligence) is too insufficient to give a fully enriching experience. However, the graphics of FIVR has matured and the industry has overcome many of the limitations it once faced. With regards to FIVR environments, users can chose from a number of destinations all over the world, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt or the Efiel Tower in Paris. Once the user has immerged, they can explore the environment. These highly scalable 4-dimensional interactive environments are under constant refinement to improve the user experience. The success of augmented reality in the consumer market just over 20 years ago encouraged the development of full immersion virtual reality technologies. Augmented reality devices, such as Google glasses, allow the user to interact with virtual contents in the real world but allow the user to distinguish between the “virtual” and the real world. Virtual reality technologies are different, the user “fully immerges” and cannot distinguish between the real world and the virtual reality.


How it Works

Nanobots (blood cell sized devices) are placed in the human body and merged with the brain. The procedure is noninvasive and allows the user to ingest “self guided” devices – they travel through the body, locate the brain and attach to the visual and auditory neurons (the area of the brain responsible for auditory and visual processing). When the user wishes to submerge into a virtual reality, the nanobots suppress real world input signals and replaces them with the required virtual reality signals to simulate the virtual environment. The user is fully mobile and in control of their regular body functions – if the user wishes to move an arm brain2or leg, the nanobots suppress the neurochemical signals to prevent real movement and simulates the movement of the “virtual arm” or “virtual leg” within the simulated environment. Users can remain in a stationary position whilst engaging in physical activities. Nanobots are extremely safe and have been exposed to great volumes of testing. These highly secure devices conform to industry  standards and strict regulations. The limited capabilities of these devices means that they cause little/no harm (if user guidelines are followed) and can be removed at any time. FIVR became possible after mapping the human brain – biological brains have approximately one hundred trillion inter-neuronal connections and understanding how the brain works was fundamental to the advances in FIVR.


Surrounding Challenges

The failure of the leisure and tourism industry in the 2040’s is reminiscent of the failures of local retailers and high street shops during the turn of the century, when the internet and e-commerce revolutionised shopping. The success of e-commerce proved catastrophic for many local retailers and high street shops who failed to harness the power of the internet. Consider Blockbuster, the American-based home movie and video game rental service which was founded in the 1980’s. At its peak, in 2004, it had up to 60,000 employees. The peak of Blockbuster’s success coincided with the introduction of broadband to home & business throughout the Western world – by 2007, over half of UK homes had broadband installed, replacing narrowband services. With the introduction of broadband came the ability to share movies and music like never before. Both illegal pirating and legitimate on-demand internet streaming media companies, such as Netflix, led to Blockbuster going bust.

Similar to the damage online pirating caused to Hollywood and the music industry, thieves and hackers have pirated FIVR technologies and distributed them online. Many online communities have been established to develop open source (free) FIVR technologies. There are also “underground” hybridisation projects which are developing environments to combine the landmarks of multiple locations (such as joining a tropical coastline with the highlands of Scotland and the skyline of New York) and even fantasy environments which allow for users to experience intergalactic travel and interact with characters from Star Wars before participating in space battles. And this is exactly what makes the future of FIVR so promising – the democratizing power of the internet, combined with the distribution of smart devices and PCs, means that even a 12 year old boy in the mountains of Nepal can contribute to the development of FIVR.


This article was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 

In God’s Name

I am far from an expert on anything Italian. However, I do have a keen interest in the nation’s most notable and controversial organisations: the Holy See, the Vatican (and its internal bank, the IOR), the Mafia and the Masons (such as the powerful masonic sect known as P2, or Propaganda Due, which was regarded as a secret ‘state-within-a-state’ – Silvio Berlusconi was once a member).


God’s Banker

In the early light of dawn, on a summer’s morning of June 1982, a man’s body was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in the City of London (distinct from Greater London, the City of London is a sovereign state with its own police force). That man turned out to be Roberto Calvi (known as God’s banker), the chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest private bank. Calvi had ties to all the aforementioned organisations: the Mafia, the Vatican and the Masons. Even though this death has become one of the greater unsolved mysteries of the modern day, it sheds light on to the shadowy underworld of Italy’s organised crime which reaches right into the heart of the government and the Vatican.


With an orange rope tied in a lover’s knot around his neck, Calvi’s body was found hanging from scaffolding, bricks were in his pockets along with £7,500 cash. Within 24 hours of the body being found, the City of London police (perhaps due to Masonic influence) had concluded that Roberto Calvi had committed suicide.

Body of Roberto Calvi

Image: Calvi’s body

Shortly after the death, the Banco Ambrosiano bank collapsed with debts of over $1 billion (the Vatican and the Mafia lost a lot of money). In a case of enduring controversy, it has since been established that Calvi did not commit suicide, he was assassinated. As stated on Murder Map: “A year before his death, Calvi’s name had been discovered on a list of members of a Masonic Lodge known as Propaganda Due or P2, alongside two Cabinet ministers, 48 MPs and the heads of all three intelligence agencies”. Various sources do state that another name for P2 was the ‘frati neri’ or ‘black friars’ – Calvi was the victim of a Masonic ritual slaying and the location was of course symbolic, it is a bridge which connects the Masonically named “Square Mile” of the City of London with Greater London.


As stated on the Guardian: “As chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, he was in charge of an organisation that laundered money made largely from the heroin trade for the Mafia. He knew the dark financial secrets of the Vatican… No Mafia killing in London could happen unless it were ordered by Francesco di Carlo”. Over here in the UK, Francesco di Carlo was involved in trafficking heroin and hashish before getting arrested – he is now serving a 25 year prison sentence.

The murder of Calvi came just a few years after the death of Pope John Paul I, in 1978 – just 33 days after he was elected (anybody familiar with Freemasonry or esoteric numerology will know the significance of the number 33). Some speculated that the pope’s death was due to his attempt at breaking the ties between Banco Ambrosiano & the Vatican. Another key figure was that of Licio Gelli, Grand Master of the P2 masonic lodge. Now at the age of 84, Gelli is on house arrest after being sentenced to 12 years for fraud in connection with the collapse of Calvi’s bank.

Vatican bound cocaine-filled condoms seized by German customs

Drugs, guns, money laundering, assignations, sex-trafficking and paedophilia are crimes usually associated with European crime syndicates, South American Cartels and the New York mafia but the activities of these lower-level organised crime units pale in comparison to the achievements of the Holy See’s international mafia, headquartered in Rome. There is no shortage of scandals which emerge from the self-proclaimed “Mother Church”. A report from the MSN in the past week stated that German custom officials seized 14 condoms filled with liquid cocaine addressed to the Vatican’s main postal centre. The package (worth over £30,000) sent from a South American country was intercepted in January at the German city airport of Leipzig. The authorities handed it into a Vatican official with the aim setting up a trap but the package was never claimed – it is likely that the intended recipient (any of the city state’s 800 residents) had received a tip off.

Too Big to Jail

The Vatican bank (which overseas several $billion in assets) was at the centre of a scandal last year inhsbc-logo which a Vatican cleric, a spy, and a financier were accused of conspiring to smuggle €20 million ($26 million) out of Switzerland aboard a private jet (it sounds like the plot line of a Hollywood movie). And also, as stated on the BBC in 2013: “HSBC bank reportedly asked more than 40 diplomatic missions to close their accounts as part of a programme to reduce business risks.” In an act which would have caused absolute havoc, we must ask: why did HSBC attempt to sever ties with the church? Well, if you followed the stories in 2013 (or if you are vaguely familiar with the history of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation which was set up in the aftermath of the First Opium War, primarily to launder the profits made from opium), perhaps you are aware that HSBC is a conduit for criminal enterprises. As one of the world’s largest banks, it has played a key role in the laundering of billions of pounds through many of its branches. After it was found guilty for its criminal activities in 2012 and fined £1.2 billion, one report stated that: “… [HSBC] failed to monitor a staggering £38 trillion of money moving across borders from places that could have posed a risk”. So clearly, HSBC was trying to sever ties with some of the Churches money launderers, in order to tidy up its public image.



Headquartered in London, the international opium trade is one of the most efficient production and distribution systems of any commodity (90% of the worlds opium is now produced in Afghanistan, which the Jesuit controlled Western Forces invaded just over 10 years ago). The City of London is, and has always been, one of the world’s largest money-laundering centres.

In 2009, it was reported that the cocaine market is worth over $80 billion annually. As stated in a RAND report, written by Peter Chalk: “Colombia currently accounts for the vast bulk of cocaine produced in Latin America. In 2009, the country produced 270 metric tons (MT) of cocaine, making it the principal supplier for both the United States and the worldwide market”. Columbia, and much of South America, is ruled by the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. Aside from a $multi-billion drug market, Columbia (and South America) has vast amounts of raw materials – yet poverty is prevalent amongst the peoples. This is by no means an attack on Catholics (I have many blessed Catholic friends) but, have you ever wondered why Catholic nations, in general, are stricken with poverty and in a state of backwardness? Compare them to ‘Protestant’ nations such as the UK, USA, Germany etc (for a brief summary on the Protestant Reformation, see my previous blog post). On this matter, researcher Eric Phelps states: “… the Pope’s divine right nobles rule and the Dark Ages have been fully restored in accordance with the Order’s Counter-Reformation Council of Trent”.


Various European oligarchs consolidated their wealth in the first half of the last millennium before the advances in navigational techniques allowed for trading across international waters, rather than land. This meant, drugs, slaves, spices and tea could be shipped across international waters. The British East India Company was established in the year 1600 and went on to conduct 50% of world trade (its involvement with the opium trade is a topic I cover in my forthcoming book). It is also worthy of mention, the Catholic Church and the Jesuits secured many lucrative trade routes – including the port of Nagasaki in Japan. As one-evil states: “The Jesuits promoted heavily the growth of their wholly owned port of Nagasaki, to one of the most profitable trading ports in the world… The Jesuits under Peter Claver S.J. were also instrumental in the development of the slave trade from Africa to South America to be used in the gold mines. Up to half a million slaves were shipped and arrived under the watch of [saint] Peter Claver S. J.”

Both the British Crown and the Vatican are the world’s greatest drug dealers – the oligarchs are waging a war against humanity and some of their weapons include cocaine and heroin. Every society throughout the world is abundant in drug addicts. Whilst the police fight against the low-level drug-related crimes in local communities, the international drugs market is completely controlled; it is being fought with one hand while being fed with the other.

Pope Benedict XVI leads his Wednesday general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican