Who do you Trust? Series: David Icke

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Who do you Trust?
The New World Order is a political ideology which aims to unite the world under a single tyrannical government.
..today, the truth movement aims to inform the masses of the malevolent New World Order agenda.

An ever-increasing number of people have un-plugged from this ‘pseudo-reality matrix’ and have awoken to the conspiracy which has enslaved mankind. People have lost faith in the mainstream media, there is an abundance of ‘alternative media’ outlets and truth movement ‘celebrities’ (the ‘pied-pipers’) for which the ‘awakened’ seek their information. This article is a part of the “Who do you Trust?” series.

Who is David Icke?

As stated by a fellow wordpress blogger:  “David Icke, possibly the most infamous conspiracy theorist on the planet.  Icke was born in Leicester, UK in 1952. During the 1970s and 1980s he was a print and television journalist. About 1990, Mr. Icke began to get heavily into New Age ideas, evidently while searching for alternative cures to the pain of his arthritis. In early 1991 he claims to have had a spiritual experience at a pre-Columbian burial site in Peru. At this point in his life he began wearing only clothes that were 1240038_570389852998174_323426497_n turquoise colored, believing it channeled positive energy. He also began making bizarre doomsday predictions, such as a prognostication that Great Britain would crumble into the sea as a result of earthquakes.” Of course, to those who are still “asleep”, Icke exhibits signs of a serious mental illness. However, in this article I would like to explore Icke’s theories and demonstrate why this man is extremely dangerous – please don’t see this as a character assassination but instead, a critical evaluation. Icke has developed an international network of people who work with him and for him – he certainly has built up a cult-like following.

What does he claim?

Icke was catapulted into the public eye after an interview with BBC personality Terry Wogan. In 1999, Icke came out with his most famous book, The Biggest Secret. This book established the central tenet of his philosophy: that the world is run by a race of reptilian aliens that can change their shape and appear to be human, and that the world’s political, economic and social systems are a colossal conspiracy by these evil aliens to enslave mankind.

Icke believes: “The moon is an interdimensional, interdensity portal for entities and energies from other dimensions. He believes that aliens use the moon as a home base for hijacking signals from the universe so that our bodily forms that are experiencing this virtual reality on Earth, can’t fully experience what our creator meant for it to be.” Icke so often makes un-scienftic claims and pushes New Age, pesudo-intellectual jargon as pure fact.

Icke often talks of the Illuminati sex cult, worldwide pedophile networks and child-sacrifice that is carried out by the elite. Over the years, he has named names and boldly pointed the finger at those who he suspects are involved. Some years back, before the BBC scandal emerged, Icke correctly identified Sir Jimmy Savile as pedophile. Savile was an old “national treasure” who obtained a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II and a Papal knighthood from Pope Jean-Paul II, making him a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great. He was a good friend of Prince Charles and ex-prime minister, Margret Thatcher (and also another ex-prime minister, prolific pedophile and child-killer, Ted Heath) – he clearly earned himself a place within their protective network, the details of Savile’s crimes were purposely suppressed until after he died in 2011. Although he abused hundreds of children over the course of five decades, Savile is rightly considered himself as untouchable – the authorities and his employers at the BBC were aware of his crimes for many years. Savile is now regarded as Britain’s worst sex offender. It seems that Icke was correct in pointing the finger at Savile! Perhaps I should give him credit for that? I think a fellow blogger summarizes it well in saying: “David Icke’s been boasting recently, how clever he was for revealing that Jimmy Savile was a pedophile, and how nobody else believed him at the time. What I want to know is this—how many years ago did Icke, really know about Jimmy Savile sexually abusing hundreds of children while working at the BBC, before finally coming forward with his story? Icke joined the team of Newsnight, in 1981. Esther Rantzen had known about Jimmy Savile’s sexual exploitation and abuse of children, since the 1970′s. How likely is it that in an organisation like the BBC (which is very close knit), Icke wouldn’t have heard the rumours about Jimmy Savile as well? Not very likely. David Icke has been aware of Jimmy Savile’s  child abuse activities, just like all the other prominent BBC presenters. icke_jimmy David Icke like the rest of them, chose to say absolutely nothing. Now this vile, cowardly man who put his own career before the safety of hundreds of children and teenagers, has the audacity to come forward and take ‘credit’ for exposing Savile as a paedophile after his death!”

This article is a working progress, will add more content in the near future. Interesting article: http://www.publiceye.org/Icke/IckeBackgrounder.htm

This article was composed by: Benjamin Nehemiah, author of Quantum PropheciesBabylon Resurrected 


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