The Truth Movement: “Who do you Trust?” series.

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Who do you Trust?
The New World Order is a political ideology which aims to unite the world under a single tyrannical government., the truth movement aims to inform the masses of the malevolent New World Order agenda. Untitled

An ever-increasing number of people have un-plugged from this ‘pseudo-reality matrix’ and have awoken to the conspiracy which has enslaved mankind. People have lost faith in the mainstream media, there is an abundance of ‘alternative media’ outlets and truth movement ‘celebrities’ for which the ‘awakened’ seek their information from.

As a writer and researcher, part of my work involves a critical analyses of the information I discover. In this series of ‘critique’ blog posts, I would like to investigate the ‘pied-pipers’ of the truth movement and evaluate whether some of the information they disseminate is accurate or credible before deciding whether it is serving the NWO agenda.

As Revolution Harry describes in his blog: “Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov  described the KGB’s functions as being only around 15% traditional ‘spying’ with the rest being more general subversion tactics. He talks of the fourfold process of taking over a country…”

    • Step one: cause a general demoralisation of the population
    • Step two: begin destabilise it.
    • Step three: cause rebellion or insurgency.
    • Step four: the take over process known as ‘normalisation’.
Who do you Trust?
“…if no resistance is raised when they reveal the truth, the cryptocracy is free to continue to follow their satanic precept.” – Michael Hoffman, Revelation of the Method
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  2. […] The Truth Movement: “Who do you Trust?” series. […]

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